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Compensate? The bubble still works on YOU. If they trinket that you can stun them. Along with that you got an immunity. All the sorcs/sages cried about burst? You got it. You are now bursty as hell with lightning/tk. No class is supposed to have 3 straight instant cast CC's while not filling a resolve bar (you could click off the shield at any time). That would be like letting scoundrels/op's sun you on the opener then stun you again, then flash grenade you on top of that. It was stupid...


...Sorc/sages with their new immunity are not going to be a soft target. Not by a long shot. If you think they are, it is because bubblestun spoiled bad players so much, that they never even learned how to kite/los, on a class that designed to do just that.
3 Instant CC's? You know that anyone speccing bubble stun were Seer/TK, which means no instant Force lift. Just saying. I agree though, that immunity would make up for our utility... if it had a more reasonable cooldown. Considering unlike any other 'defensive' cooldown we can't do anything channeling, it's current cooldown is pretty ridiculous.

It's also worth noting that in reference to kiting, our DoT-and-Kite skill tree is getting worse at kiting (No more instant Force Lift, and now Sever Force will also be resist-able and we're gaining no new mobility tools, where-as almost every other class is gaining something in moblity. On the PTS, playing a full balance spec was very painful compared to live. Force barrier is going to stall things, not make us super-tough.

The crit nerf effected everyone, not just dps sorc/sages. I love how this one AC acts like all buffs/nerfs effect ONLY them.
True. However, what nobody seems to mention is the accuracy changes. In 2.0, we'll have to drop a portion of our DPS stats to pick up this new stat (new to sages anyway). Those changes are going to bring our damage down compared to other classes who already needed accuracy, and who's damaged was based on that fact.
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