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OK, so...

I have a bit of experience with various gaming guilds. I've been part of one guild for 14 years. It's been interesting to see other members grow, mature, and move on with their lives. As things go, however, it's membership got smaller and smaller, and the focus of the guild changed (or maybe mine did), and I found myself drawn to casual-friendly atmospheres and games like SW:TOR, while they focused on less casual-friendly games.

So, in various games, I've joined various guilds, in an attempt to find that 'magic' of a close-knit group of men and women who go beyond the trite slogans of 'fun-oriented', 'casual environment', etc... You've all seen the spam in general chat for guilds looking. They're all the same promises. And usually, the same disappointments.

I've found friendly people in other guilds, in various games. Sadly, they tend to be populated with the sorts of players who game hop a lot, and I've found myself in more than one MMO in a high-ranked, but curiously empty guild, as the players moved on to The Next Big Game.

I have real-life friends in Pax. They've been suggesting I apply for some time, but frankly, the two week application process was a big turn-off. I'm glad I finally listened to them.

The two week process isn't how long it takes to get your character in-game guilded. It's more of a probationary period where you're under increased scrutiny - both within whatever game you're playing with them, and on the forums - to make sure that you'll be a good fit.

During this time, they've hit my application thread with LOTS of questions. Sometimes, it feels a bit like hazing, or the kind of poking that you expect from friends. And that's not a bad thing; It seems the process is intentional. If I poke this guy a bit, does he fly off the handle? is he going to be a good fit? Well HE like US?

And wouldn't you like to know the answer to those questions before you spend four months in a guild?

If the application process seems daunting, give them a try anyway. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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