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It will also be the last nail in the coffin for 99 % of all dps sorcs and sages in normal warzones, which makes up for nearly 100 % of all games played. If they've been hanging in there this long I highly doubt that they're the types that simply re-roll so it will be 1.2 all over again (read: population will dip and dps sorcs/sages will be considered unicorns in warzones). I think a good deal of commandos and mercs are starting to feel like they've had enough too.
dot spec always has done a ton of dmg, but it is splash dmg. no doubt there.

my real answer, though, is suck it up. the mechanic was broken. I know all about playing a nerfed spec. my first pvp toon was (inexplicably!) a mando dps. here's the thing though, BW "fixed" sage dps with a ridiculous ability/utility that may have improved playability for one class, but significantly detracted, if not ruined it, for like 5 other ACs/specs. so whine all you want. that's the reaction you're gonna get. it's not that ppl don't have sympathy for the sage/sorc dps situation, but bubble-stun was a horrible mechanic and nothing more than a band-aid.

I haven't played the PTS because I feel like enough of a beta tester on live versions of games, so I have no idea whether they've actually addressed sage and mando dps in a meaningful way. however, they did eliminate the ridiculous aspects of bubble stun, which is a great big fat yay! in my book.

instead of defending bubble-stun, I think all these sages/sorcs ought to argue for meaningful fixes to their dps situation. look at the sniper (pre- 2.0). they're a viable turret dps. lightning and grav are also turret, bursty dps trees (for their ACs). they require similar sorts of tools. don't cry for some broken bubble stuff that you have no business applying to the entire ops in the first place. cry for a reasonable toolbox that BW somehow decided (long ago) should only belong to snipers/gs.
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