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04.05.2013 , 12:56 AM | #14
Goodbye bubblesun, welcome 10K+ smashes, damage buff to all other knight/warrior damage abilities after the 10k smash, 9k railshots, 8k ambushes, 8k dispatches with your health above 30%, root break on obliterate/zealous leap, lolroll, sniper/gunslinger gods, all pyro's getting hold the line, naked pvp, pve barrels/hilts BIS... did I miss anything?

Bubble stun is,(soon to be "was") a retarded mechanic, but it was just one issue that needed to be addressed; removing one imbalance while not touching another, and then throwing in massive damage buffs to other classes.... let's not even talk about snipers/gunslingers going from extremely balanced to demi-god status,

But you're right, bubblestun is gone!