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OK, so I my main is a Shadow Consular. I've had a great time with her, going from planet to planet defusing political situations about to go nuclear, gathering an army, rolling into Corellia like a boss to put the smack down on the Emperor's Manchurian Agent network, and generally being Ambad*ssador. But, I've hit Level 50, maxed out affection with most of my crew (Zenith is hard to pry anything from, Tharan was shockingly easy to max out), got to the end of my class quest, and the HK-51 quest required an Imperial alt. But, I check the boards here for ideas, and they're all "Consular story stinks! The Republic is a bunch of stinking hypocrites and incompetants! Play a Bounty Hunter or Imperial Agent."

I figure, let's go Hunter. Ever since Canderous, I've got a soft spot for the Mando'ade, and my relationship to the nutcases running the Empire would boil down to "You di'kute pay me." And that Act 3 option? Yeah, I think I want to go there. There's also that cameo appearance Mako makes in the consular's story and the fact Qyzen used to be one of Braden's crew. Figured if the old man employed the big guy, and the big guy still speaks of him fondly, then he couldn't be couldn't be too bad.

So, I already walked in planning to play a LS Hunter. Not Light V, mind you, but still as decent/honorable as you can get while still being a gun for hire. I rolled her as a Miraluka (same as my Consular) to boot. I came up with a backstory; her colony is in contested space, and got caught in Republic-Imperial crossfire. Worse, the Exchange has decided the planet was theirs, since the superpowers can't make a decision one way or another. She was part of a vigilante group that decided to shoot back after the Exchange hassled them one too many times. It got her exiled (because non-Jedi Miraluka tend to be pacifists), but she found she was good with a blaster. Working as hired muscle on smuggling boats, she eventually got Braden's attention. Now, if Mako and Qyzen are any indication, the old man ran as clean of a shop as you could get for mercenary work. And while the Hutts are scum, the Cartel and the Exchange are rivals, and she just hates the Exchange a tiiny bit more. As for the Great Hunt? Well, the old homestead might not want her back, but they might not argue with a stack of credits that could go a long way to buying food, medicine, and support. After Braden gets killed? Well, she'll follow through to honor the old man and to smack Blood into the next sector. And Mako's a good kid; if she insists on joining the profession, might as well teach her the ropes and set the same good example Braden would.

So far? I hate playing Imperial. Hate it, hate it, hate it! I figured hearing their side of the story would make me more sympathetic to them. WRONG! If anything, they're a bigger sack of crazy nutjobs than I took them for. Blatant racism, not so blatant sexism, noses so high in the air they ought to drown in the shower, paranoia and backstabbing as standard operating procedure, treating the common people and enlisted men like crap, the Sith unaccountable to anything, corruption that's even worse than the Republic, an untenable reliance on slave labor...So far, Braden, Mako, Crysta, the Revanites, and "the Duchess" are among the few characters I haven't wanted to introduce to my blaster and/or an airlock.

Now, playing a light-sided Hunter? Well, I get to troll these idiots mercilessly and get paid for it. That young and stupid Sith? What's more humiliating; killing her outright or beating the snot out of her, carbon freezing her, and sending her back to Daddy for a spanking? That spook that wanted me to take out his boss? Figured he would double-cross me because the Imperials are just that way. So might as well leave his boss in that temple - his mind's gone anyway. If he snaps out of it, then that junior spook deserves what he gets for not taking care of it himself. That twit on Balmorra that wants you to do his dirty work? Oh, you can screw him over every step of the way and his boss will thank you for it. Granted, things will get a little more troubling later on; I'm on Balmorra at the moment. But I do the minimum required to get my bonus XP, and I've refused a couple jobs that cross the line (you want me to poison the water suppy of those "alien" slaves so they die horribly after you just called me "alien scum?" Do it yourself, jerk).

Bottom line: I'm not an Imperial. I don't even LIKE these guys. But Mako and I gotta eat, and Republic's not hiring (yet). They make an offer and I'll totally be willing to talk.
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