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I'd like to start off with an introduction. I'm "JediConsular" a long time lurker (been lurking since October 1, 2009 here) and I've been a loyal fan/player of SWTOR since release. I'm currently the most followed and one of the only dedicated SWTOR streamers on Twitch TV and have been doing everything I can to rebuild the community that used to range in the hundreds/thousands of viewers. Every day someone comes in to the channel asking what SWTOR has to offer and I do my best to explain to them what an awesome experience it is to play through a storyline in this game or pwn the noobs in PvP and cut down some pretty phenomenal bosses in PvE.

I want to invite everyone here to come hang out on the Pre-Release day of RotHC for a 24 hour broadcast of the new content from the moment the servers go live. Exploring, questing, chatting, hardcore grinding, etc etc. During the course of the stream I'll be giving away several Taun Fawn codes (the little white Taun Fawn from special events) as well as some pretty awesome physical items that will remain a surprise for now!

Oh and of course there will be Cartel Coin giveaways in honor of the, well... Rise of the Hutt Cartel! On top of the Cartel Coins I'll have a few 60 day Game Time Cards to give out at major milestones.

I was worried from the start that this would seem like some sort of ploy to promote myself and I want to come out and say that it is not my main intent albeit it is an indirect consequence of it. I do not earn any notable revenue from the stream. I work a full time job and am actively pursuing higher education. I have a background of working as a Community Event Coordinator for a small game company and I realize how important a thriving community can be to a game. This is my way of giving back to the community in an effort to strengthen and renew interest in a game that has given me endless hours of entertainment.

Looking forward to seeing some people there!

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