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04.04.2013 , 03:33 PM | #3
My Juggernaut, not because she's tank (I'm crap at using tank companions), but because she'd make rude and suggestive comments to everyone one we meet and they wouldn't be able to do thing, but she's not ultra-murder crazy like Kaliyo.

Oh wait, she's a lot like Kaliyo o.O

My Agent would make a good healer, but I think he would also spend a little too much of his downtime spending the Crew Mission money on fine dining and using his Super Cipher Seduction powers on cute male quest givers. Nothing would get done.

I think my Sorc would probably be the best. She's a healer, likes reading and being quiet and meditating... I'm sure she's planning something or maybe she just seems quiet next to my Juggernaut...