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Ok updates in!

Hmmm, that is a good question ZooMzy. Do you all have a main community name? What we could do is list the community then in a bracket list the guild names that are part of that community. That way the guild names do get posted and people can see it is a community working towards progression.
Sounds good! I would say for now, we are known as the "SlTH Coummunity" but I will give you an update if I have a bunch of guildies demanding for a change lol. The three guilds are THE SITH ORDER, Mando'ade Alitte, and Imperial BlackOps.

And for our community, we have made full clears of EV and KP NiM (Both title clears), TFB SM, and EC HM. As of now though, I only have the screenshot of the HM Kephess kill along with six of the eight raid members on Nightscythes. Hopefully though, you guys can assume we've done the title runs since they kind of pale in comparison to EC HM :P

Thanks again!