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Just go play a Sniper/Gunslinger, and you can avoid the two biggest scourges to the game Smashmonkeys and Bubble Stunners.
Nah. I am playing infiltration shadow in 2.0 mainly. Killing all the rerolls is much more fun . I DO have a sniper and it is already good in all 3 trees. The buffs make no sense to me, but whatever. The class is boring and staying in one spot isn't very fun.

Only reason I will level him to 55, is so my healing companion has pimped gear (go go gree set) for when I grief people doing dailies on my shadow. Might also take the scoundrel to 55 as well (since the 4 pcs bonus is useless on a scoundrel anyways, and the sniper set will work just fine). Was a fantastic class before team bubblestun. Shadow seems better due to a hybrid that will spring up in 2.0, but scoundrel was always fun.
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