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Actual ingame footage

And here's a screen shot I just did while talking with the terminal for Hammer Station:

argh, ***, photobucket be resizing it -_-

here's the actual screen shot if you want to get a good look:

Monitor 1: 1680x1050
Monitor 2: 19020x1080 (gave me headaches so can't use it as primary /sadface)

-That's why there's a black bar at the bottom; it's exactly 30pixels "tall"

Now I can't get a screenshot of Satele since my Knight is past the 'story instances' that feature her (he's lvl 22 atm). So, anyone out there got some time or able to provide a current ingame shot of her; try and do like I did and get it when the camera is focus-zoomed on her.

As for my complaint, it's not so much a complaint; just a "why did you (BW) change this model". Because personally, I thought it (the game) was maybe 5yrs after the Deceived Trailer, which depicted the Sacking....well start of the sacking. And I figured the Deceived Trailer came after the Hope Trailer (timeline-wise).

I say this because I'm looking at the Deceived right now at at 1:54 it shows his face and you can clearly see the damage from the thermal grenade he ate in Hope. The wiki also states that in 'Hope' he was defeated; not killed.

So, it sort of threw me for a loop when I started the next Beta and found her old.
Yes, but Satele is not present in Decieved. Even if it was, as you say, 5 years ago, it could be a lot more time between Hope and Decieved. Just sayin'.