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04.04.2013 , 08:23 AM | #5
My initial reaction to this idea was "No thanks". If I want a more complicated rotation, I'll jump on my Watchman Sentinel. I kind of like the soothingly smooth and streamlined Gunnery rotation and I work in Sticky, Stock, heck even Blitz when the appropriate situation presents itself, so I'm not looking for complexity for its own sake.

But then you mentioned the mobility issue. I play little to no PvP, so being a stationary PvE turret is less problematic than for Warzoners, but I could absolutely see the value of a 2nd viable "mobile rotation." When I want to stand there and burn down the target, I can do so normally, but when I need/want to be hustling my butt to or from somewhere, I could still be pumping out better dps than Sticky-Hammer. It's worth consideration.