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If you could hand-pick a companion for each specialisation, which companions would you choose for your "Dream Team" and why?

My personal list is :-

Healer - Mako (Nice easy going companion and great to get her so early)
Melee Tank - Tanno Vik (I love his attitude and underhandedness)
Melee DPS - Akaavi Spaar (Personally my fave companion - she can really hold her own against most mobs)
Ranged Tank - Blizz (Nuff said)
Ranged DPS - Gault Rennow (Andronikos Revel was a very close second for this position but Gault is more fun and entertaining)

I based my list on the companions I like to run missions with and their abilities and combat skills - I did not take into account crew skill benefits!

So what would be your Dream Team?
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