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Any armoring that currently have set bonuses are keeping them. The big change is that if you have a Tionese, Columi, or Rakata set that currently has the set bonus on the shell it will be transferred to armoring IF you have armorings in the armoring slot. If the shell is empty in your storage or whatever then the set bonus just goes away.


If you want to use one of those sets then instead of buying campaign armorings which are level 61's, you can buy or have level 63's (which are the armoring 27's) crafted and put them into the Tionese, Columi, or Rakata. Those armorings currently DO NOT have set bonuses. But if you put them into that gear prior to 2.0, when the patch goes live it will transfer the set bonus from the shell to those 27's. Which is a pretty easy way to get dread guard level armoring with set bonuses.
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