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And yet another repost:

I'm convinced 99% of the items we've seen added to the Cartel Market so far were originally conceived as rewards for the upcoming achievement system.

I'm sure since then the new development team has spent a good portion of its time conceiving future Cartel Market items that they themselves built from the ground up. So here's my idea. Release those as EXCLUSIVE Cartel Market items—the kind of stuff which can ONLY be bought with Cartel Coins, or through the GTM—but reintegrate the old ones onto the achievement system, the way they were originally intended. But here's the catch: they would only unlock for subscribers. Freepers would have to be content with titles and the odd cartel coins pack (which, apparently, is what's in store for all of us across the board at the moment).

I believe this would gain an incredible amount of good will from the existing subscriber base, while at the same time functioning as one of the strongest incentives for freepers to shell out the monthly subscription fee. This must be carefully done, though. You'll want to make sure everyone knows this is a one time deal only, and that the vast majority of future cartel market items will only be made available through the store. Otherwise, people might take such a benevolent gesture as an indication that they can just sit back and wait for these items to be made available for free, and subsequently hold off on spending a dime.

The key is in the communication, I think.

The achievement system rewards would look something like this:

Red Glowing Eyes: awarded for reaching Dark Side Alignment Level III
Yellow Glowing Eyes: awarded for reaching Light Side Alignment Level III

Imperial Throne: Awarded for finishing class quest with Sith Inquisitor
Republic Meditation Pod: Awarded for finishing class quest with Jedi Consular

Cartel Recreational Skiff: Awarded for Completing 16-man Hard Mode of Karagga's Palace
Cartel Luxury Skiff: Awarded for Completing 16-man Nightmare Mode of Karagga's Palce

Ubrikki Crimson Skull: Awarded for Completing all story-missions with the Bounty Hunter on Hutta


You get the idea, right?