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04.03.2013 , 02:17 PM | #10
So you dance with 1000 different womp rats taking probably the best part of a day so as to get what? A Legacy title of Womp Rat Dancer and some Prestige points and if you are lucky really really lucky maybe 20 cartel coins. Which would leave only 70 more such Achievements could purchase one outfit (though I doubt there are 70 achievement rewards to get cartel coins)?

The reward seems to be very weak in comparison to this feature and the time it has no doubt taken to implement and the time you hope people will devote to gaining these achievements rather than asking for housing or more end game or guild capital ships. Lets face it after legacy level 50 title of living legend the rest are going to seem a little weak, the cartel coins don't amount to much. Where is the unique armours or weapons or companions or quests based on my achievements. Getting 40 companions to max reputation and all you have to show for it is some title like Sycophant for my legacy where I already have Hyperspace legend or whatever. Does that sound like a reward that inspires people to invest the time to complete these achievements. And as for prestige points I'm not sure trawling round a planet looking for womp rats to dry hump will win much acclaim from fellow gamers.