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04.03.2013 , 10:07 AM | #19
The question of whether its "fair" or not really depends on your definition of fair in this case.

Ultimately even those people who remain at 50 will still have access to the top tier talents in their chosen tree....they will just have 5 less points to spend in an alternate tree (5 "extra" points instead of 10 like current).

The talent trees should be balanced on their own merits and any extra points through into another tree really just provides a little extra, but isn't a MUST HAVE. The current level 50 content is tuned lightly enough that even someone staying level 50 should be able to complete it without issue even if they are 1% less "effecive" after the 2.0 changes. Even NiM operations currently have enough "slack" in them that you can complete them with sub-optimal min/maxing of gear mods (I.E Tanks using Black Hole/Campaign armorings with Accuracy bonuses).

However, if past experience in other MMOs after an xpac holds true, the increases gained from another 1 or 2 tiers of a primary talent tree generally provide a larger boost than what you loose by not being able to put those 5 points into a secondary tree. So in the end a level 50 post 2.0 may actually end up being "stronger" than a level 50 pre-patch is.