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I was going to shoot in and answer _DarkTemplar_'s question but you folks went ahead and did that already. I am going to just quote bbare on this one as they explained it quite nicely

Good work everyone, carry on!


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People who get the early access will be able to lvl to 55 on the 9th. People who didn't will have to wait until the 14th. I'll explain it as best as I can:

There are two "updates" that are associated with 2.0

1. The game update

2. The expansion pack.

The game update will include the new skills, skill trees, stat formulas, crafting tier, etc...

The expansion pack includes the additional 5 levels and access to Makeb. By De Facto, it will also include the new operations, HM FP's, and dailies, because those require a higher level.

If you pre-ordered on time, you will have access to both the game update and the expansion pack on the 9th. If you pre-ordered "late" you will have access to the game update on the 9th, but you won't have access to the expansion till the 14th. If you aren't even purchasing the expansion, you will have access to the game update on the 9th, but not the expansion pack until you buy it.
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