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No. Bolster is being changed so it works on gear slots instead of level.

You enter a warzone wearing last year's corduroy flares, they're buffed to grunt-grade plasteel armour (right down to having no gear at all in a slot and getting buffed up, hence comments about naked pvp). The idea is that these stats are not quite as good as earned pvp gear, but good enough to contribute. So if you still suck it's not your gear's fault.

Well, that's the theory anyway.
So, let me get this straight....

I've got full EWH - and now I'm going to be up against people bolstered to recruit level, but who have far fewer skills than me, and who may not have experienced lvl 50 PvP (Which is much more demanding than <50).

Also, as I pug a lot - I'm going to be teaming with them?

On one hand I'm going to be eating people alive, while simultaneously being dragged back by undergeared .... noobs, for want of a better phrase.

And for the record - yes, I eat people in recruit gear alive. I'm not boasting. I'm quite good at PvP and I have a massive gear advantage: There is only one outcome possible.