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Ah so we should be tucked away never to be heard from again.

Most of us are sick of EAware breaking the game every time they do an update. I imagine many, like me, don't care if this isn't the right place to post. We want it acknowledged and an emergency patch deployed to correct it. I'm not paying a sub every month for this ****.
Well pardon me for believeing that if something is organized, you are able to find and solve the problem much quickly.
I never said about tucking you away (so please do not put words in my mouth), just that there are several posts where people are trying to solve this.
If one of these posts would remain active and people writing useful stuff there (not just "waaaah, fix it, I don't care how or what is my computer doing when it crashes") plus occasional bump to keep it on front page, it would be much better to get noticed than in a news sticky that will get automatically pulled down in few days
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