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From PTS notes, so this could change....

All set bonuses are now stored exclusively on Armoring mods instead of equipment shells. Players will now be able to transfer set bonuses shells between equipment shells by simply moving the Armoring mod. The rules are as follows:

Set bonuses can be extracted from a shell by removing the Armoring mod.

While Armoring mods are not applied to any items, they retain their extracted set bonus. The bonus is tied to the type of gear the mod was extracted from (Chest, Legs, Head, etc).

When Armoring mods with a set bonus are placed in another item of the same type (Chest, Legs, Head, etc), the set bonus will then be transferred from the mod to the piece of armor.

Modified gear with a set bonus applied will receive a notification when attempting to overwrite the Armoring mod with another Armoring mod with a set bonus. If confirmed, the new modís set bonus will overwrite the original set bonus.

Some Level 55 Set Bonuses have been updated from their Level 50 counterparts. All Level 55 Set Bonuses are now listed without their "Rakata" or "Battlemaster" prefix.

This still leaves my question a bit unanswered, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. The Jedi Sage PVE set bonus is a MUST and I would hate to lose it while leveling.
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