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I am telling your right now sir....the hate mail is going to flow once 2.0 hits if you don't raise the cap to at least 400 weekly...for everything. Your only going to be able to buy about 2 pieces of high end gear a week, that's just utterly UNACCEPTABLE. How do you expect us to gear our companions now? What exactly are subscribers being gimped like this for? A slap in the face? The cap should be for FTP, not subscribers. Whoever thought this ridiculous low cap up should frankly be fired. It quite frankly is one of the most idiotic things I have ever seen in a game.

You guys at Bioware do not live in reality of the state of your game anymore. You ignore the things people want and have wanted since the game came out. (Armor Dye, Hood up or down, etc) You act like everything is happy flowers, but it is not. You really need to start listening to players, not your core group of testers and your biased focus group. Most of the people in my 100+ member guild would agree with my statement, so it's not just a minority. Please raise the cap!!!!
Darth I agree with you on a number of concerns you mentioned, but I think you may be getting carried away a little. Demanding someone be fired for not implementing something in THEIR game they way YOU want it is over the top. However, I do agree with you that this is an inexplicable cap and limitation for paying subscribers that will negatively impact our playing experience. Limiting the amount of comms we can get weekly and total will only limit the amount of time we play and drag out how long it takes to grind for gear for ourselves and our companions.
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