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04.03.2013 , 06:26 AM | #32
Sorry havent been in Community as much As I would Like, just to say about the Command for quitting a guild, its /Gquit - not - /gquit. Its uppercase "G", cos when I found that out I was able to leave the one I was in. /gquit don't work for me, but /Gquit does? I enjoy the warzones, and it gives me Pvp rewards to purchase better gear.

I hardly do group missions now, to much hassle, But I do sometimes latch on to a single, trying to finish "Enemies of the republic", or similar. I batter the opposition , and let the player finish off the main character, to get the item.

Now up to lvl 27, and three companions as female Ltn Trooper, some mission ends are getting quite tough, especially "Sith Inquisitors charactors", Who tend to freeze me for almost 20 seconds, and then knock me over!!

Got to love Elara my new Companion, she likes to quote me regulations, and is a bit feisty at times, But shes great to have along side, and has good healing powers. How do you find Elara as a companion Guys?

Still loving my Star wars Experiance