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04.02.2013 , 11:41 PM | #42
BIOWARE thanks for the great patch, bugs again. I hoped you recognized the problem with launcher when , I enter my display name and pass and click login IT CRASHES and stays on that screen, doesnt give me the chance to download the stupid patch just thinks for as much time as I leave it without loggin in. RECOGNIZE your buggs and fix them because I am sub for half an year and this is just unreal.... I had 15 bugg for my chars and launcher and everything else connected with the game. Never had that problem with Blizzard. If you dont start fixing your buggs you will loose subs, just like the whole time till now. Start using ingame admins that can help people not stupid ticket "droid" outside the game and then wait for the next or even the patch after to fix your bugg.... Blizzard admins fixed everything for 5 mins ingame in WoW. Are the games that different?
And about the bugg, really do smth about it because my launcher doesnt even start patching, and I am aftraid that you just post new patch to fix this one I wont be able to play anymore, which means end of my sub.