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The problem: Gunnery rotation is boring, and with 2.0 its going to get even more boring. We only NEED to fire 2-3 grav rounds every 15 seconds, in reality most gunnery rotation have grav round as 40-50% of their activations. This is boring, redundant, and the biggest reason why we have trouble in pvp. We have a lot more skills than just Full auto, grav round, HiB, and Demo round, but we have no reason to use any of them because those 4 are the most efficient. I propose a new rotation mechanic to involve our neglected skills, sticky grenade, explosive round (even with salvo it still sucks), and plasma grenade (which does have its uses but is very ammo intensive for how little damage it actually does).

The Solution: A new rotation element. Sticky grenade is now cleanse-able, but if it detonates then it leaves the target with 2 stacks of a new debuff called "Fractured Armor". Fractured Armor decreases the targets armor by 5% per stack, lasts 10 seconds, and increases the damage the target suffers from explosive round by x%, x being whatever percentage is needed to make explosive round hit harder than a grav round and hence make it useful. When a target with fractured armor is hit with explosive round, we get a new proc called energy rebound which decreases the cost and activation time of plasma grenade by 50% per proc.

To sum it up. Implementing this simple mechanic would expand our rotation from 4 basic moves to 7. It can be fine tuned to keep our dps more or less static, but it allows us significantly more mobility since this sub rotation can be done on the move. More importantly, it would make gunnery more challenging to master and more enjoyable to play. I would suggest that the mechanic should be made available to all 3 specs, but I use gunnery specifically in this example because it is most in need of a more active rotation. The devs mentioned that the reason they cut the stunned target moves is because of "skill bloat" and classes having too many useless skills. Well here is a chance to further fix that problem for commandos. I hope a dev actually takes the time to read and consider this.
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