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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthZak View Post
Just a question... are logins now also linked to Origin accounts in a different manner? I suddenly had a pet for BF P4F ahvent done anything with that account in ages
The link to Origin hasn't changed at all - there is a promotion happening across some other EA games that you must have hit the criteria for, which meant that you have been sent the pet. I'm jealous, I don't have the pet myself!

Quote: Originally Posted by Gwaneth View Post
Well there's one less step for the hackers to deal with. Stupid idea imo.
This question (and others) are covered in my post from a couple of weeks ago:

Quote: Originally Posted by Spinpop View Post
Anyone having trouble with their game crashing as soon as its about to hit the character screen? Its bein doin this all morning and im not sure if its happening for anyone else.
The game crashing bugs are covered in other threads - please keep this thread specific to the authentication changes.

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