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Europeans be crazy! The bug on the Infernal one is not fixed, according to my shotty german skills they just found a work around. I know what we''ll be doing tonight lol.
Ah ok (I am only lvl 20 myselves, so I don't know WHAT they did, only that they said it would be fixed). What they wrote on their webpage was "Nach der Downtime in der letzten Nacht war nun auch die letzte Mechanik von Soa funktional, so das wir ihn nach wenigen Tries in die Wüste schicken konnten" which means "After the downtime last night the last mechanic of Soa was working, so that we could kill him after a few tries".

EDIT: Irae Aod now writes on their webpage that they have a boss down on nightmare level and they promise to provide details this evening.

BTW: Your guildwebpage in the sig is still now working ^^