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Hi again!

It was pointed out that the conversions I gave don't list the Tionese Crystal:Planetary Commendation ratio, which is 2:1. We'll get the Patch Notes updated with this info as well.

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What level will we be able to purchase the pvp gear?
In Game Update 2.0, Warzone Commendations will not change at all from their current functionality. There will not be a weekly limit and the current cap will remain at their current levels.

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Also the PVE gear you get with comms at 55 are these restricted to purchase at 55 or can you buy them as you get comms enroute from 50 to 55?
I double checked with the developers on this one: All gear that can be purchased with Classic Commendations will be level 50, so you'll be able to purchase those pieces at level 50. As for gear purchased with Planetary Commendations, the Makeb gear is currently level 52, but you'll be able to use other Planetary vendors to purchase gear below level 52. On a side but related note: Level 55 PvP Gear will not be able to be purchased until level 55.

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