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As others have mentioned, I am concerned about the caps on the number of comms. I do not want to lose any and would rather spend some than get them cut. Is there any way we can get some confirmation as to what the caps might be? Or will all transfer no matter what?

Hi telosweb,

This is a great question! The Patch Notes will include the following weekly limits for each Commendation type, which will reset at the same time as the weekly Operations lock out reset schedule. Please note that these have been updated and are not the same numbers that were on the PTS:
  • Planetary Commendations - Unlimited Weekly; 50 Maximum
  • Classic Commendations - 200 Weekly; 400 Maximum
  • Basic Commendations - 300 Weekly; 600 Maximum
  • Elite Commendations - 200 Weekly; 400 Maximum
  • Ultimate Commendations - 150 Weekly; 300 Maximum

Additionally, with Game Update 2.0 there will be a one-time "overflow" limit in place that will allow players to go above the maximum. Planetary Commendations will have an overflow limit of 100, and Classic Commendations will have an overflow limit of 800. Basic, Elite, and Ultimate Commendations do not have overflow limits. The overflow limits are not in addition to the maximums amounts above; they're the total number of Commendations of that type that players will be able to hold after Game Update 2.0. Anything converted above the overflow limit will be lost. Players who have used the overflow limit and have more than the maximum number of Commendations will not be able to gain new Commendations until they fall below the maximum amounts.

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