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04.01.2013 , 12:53 PM | #101
Can we get some clarification on what exactly is going to happen on the 9th for those who did not preorder or preordered after the Jan 7th cutoff date? The reason I ask is because there is also a major game update coming with the expansion. This update includes some very drastic changes to the skill trees that might make those 5 days of waiting to be a but frustrating for some. Will we be able to gain XP during these 5 days but NOT access Makeb and L55 content or do we have to wait until the 14th (for those who preordered late)? Will we be able to spend our newly converted comms on the Makeb planetary or Classic vendors? Will we still have access to the current skill trees (31 points to top tier skill) until the 14th? In short, is 2.0 with all its changes releasing on the 9th or 14th when all preorders have access to it?
This needs an answer.

Is patch 2.0 deployed on the 9th but only eligible players have acces to Makeb and related content?
Or do you only get the patch 2.0 changes when you have access to the new expansion?
Same question reworded for clarity. What happens to players on the 9th who don't have early access?