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My point is this:

You don't like to craft, but you complain about crafters. Actually, you don't just complain about crafters, you RAIL on crafters. At every opportunity. The way you talk they are the scum of the game. They are lazy, they are greedy, they are ruining the game.

How would you know? You don't do crafting.

Maybe if you did, you would find out your opinions are unfounded.
Maybe if you did, you would discover flaws in crafting and could make suggestions to improve it.
Maybe if you did you'd discover that you're actually right and would have some valid data to back up your arguments.
(I tried crafting and discovered ...)

But no. You don't like crafting. But you sure like calling crafters lazy and greedy. There is a word for this: Hypocrisy.
Work break.

LOL, I just looked at the new 25 and 28 mods, etc. and the new augments (recipies only by Slicing drops). LOL, commendation restrictions.

My prediction is that this crafter is going to make many many many credits before the part time or casual crafters catch up and can even begin to craft for themselves and then to put stuff on the gtn. Join the rush to make mk-9 kits - you will not be able to make them fast enough. Did you say mat sales? My scavengers, bios, and archs have the week off to rest because they are going to be overworked soon.

Greed is not good, but being paid for work takes the cake or cookie depending on your vice. So if some complain, it will be hard to hear them over the ching a ching noise of cretits hitting our pockets.