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I've noticed a lot of questions about the upcoming changes to Commendations. To help you make your spending decisions before Game Update 2.0, here are a few of the patch notes:

  • Commendations from individual planets have been converted into a single "Planetary Commendation" type. Vendors that previously traded items for specific planet commendations now trade the same items for Planetary Commendations.
  • Tionese Crystals have been converted to the new "Planetary Commendation" type and no longer drop from any content.
  • Daily, Tionese, Columi, and Black Hole Commendations have all been converted to Classic Commendations. Missions and loot that previously awarded these commendations will now award Classic Commendations instead.
  • Daily, Tionese, Columi, and Black Hole Commendations in your inventory will be converted to Classic Commendations at the following ratios:
    • Tionese Commendations - 6:1
    • Columi Commendations - 4:1
    • Daily Commendations - 4:1
    • Black Hole Commendations - 1:1

Please keep in mind that these aren't all of the notes with regards to Commendations, but I hope the info above helps anyone who is confused and trying to make sense of what's going to happen.

Also you can keep 100 planetary comms when 2.0 releases but you will then be limited ( after you spend the excess ) to 50 total. No weekly cap either.


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