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I've noticed a lot of questions about the upcoming changes to Commendations. To help you make your spending decisions before Game Update 2.0, here are a few of the patch notes:

  • Commendations from individual planets have been converted into a single "Planetary Commendation" type. Vendors that previously traded items for specific planet commendations now trade the same items for Planetary Commendations.
  • Tionese Crystals have been converted to the new "Planetary Commendation" type and no longer drop from any content.
  • Daily, Tionese, Columi, and Black Hole Commendations have all been converted to Classic Commendations. Missions and loot that previously awarded these commendations will now award Classic Commendations instead.
  • Daily, Tionese, Columi, and Black Hole Commendations in your inventory will be converted to Classic Commendations at the following ratios:
    • Tionese Commendations - 6:1
    • Columi Commendations - 4:1
    • Daily Commendations - 4:1
    • Black Hole Commendations - 1:1

Please keep in mind that these aren't all of the notes with regards to Commendations, but I hope the info above helps anyone who is confused and trying to make sense of what's going to happen.

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