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Please, stop saying what other people need to do or do not.

Stop saying for other people dude.

People dont need anything except have fun for thieir money. They dont "need to learn" anything. They just playing for fun.

Who forbid you formed a group, and play? No one. No one of solo queuers dont forbid you playing in group.

Solo queuers wanna just their own queue. Be respect to their rights like they respect YOUR right play in YOUR group - seperate from them.

If you dont respect them, they are dont respect you.

You want play in group - go play in group.

Other people who solo queue simply dont want play in group, and dont want play against your group. So go play with anybody who want play with you and who want play against you.

Cuz solo queuers dont care about you, they want play with and against other solo queuers, not with you. This is MMO dude - players playng vs other players. This term means nothing except this.
i agree ... 10/10.... pvp is broken ... pugs without healers cannot never win against premade with 1-2 healers + tank ... so we need separate queue for premades, or force premade queueing only for ranked games .... or we need better matchmaking where every pug ops get 2healers, 1 tank, rest dps /ofc 1 stealther for node guarding/ ....

pvp is really not fun ... maybe this system was fun last year in january when game was realeased, not now ...