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I'm in full agreement with the OP that veng jugs need a slow that's more efficient than chilling scream, but both ideas presented by the OP will negatively affect PvE builds.

Unstoppable is the only filler in the lower tree that has applications for PvE, it's basically Cloak of Pain for juggernauts. It's useful in 3/4 fights in nightmare EC and 3/5 fights in HM TFB, and will be useful in multiple encounters in the new operation S&V. Moving it higher and adding a new skill in it's spot means that PvE jug dps would have to choose between Unstoppable and Deafening Defense while being forced to pick up filler talents that have no real application in an Operation setting.

My suggestion would be to move Stagger up to T7, put Unyielding in T1, and make a 3-point skill in T2
{Crippling Wounds: Your bleed effects have a 33/66/100% chance to slow the target's movement speed by 50%}
that would fill in the gap where PvE jugs take accuracy. This way you would have the option of taking 1 point in said skill for the utility and still taking the other PvP related skills, or forgoing the additional rage generation for even greater utility, being able to consistently slow 3 targets at the same time with your bleeds. Meanwhile PvE jugs won't lose their survivability.
except suffering rage generation isnt very good when even with shien form, using shatter impale and scream in succession is 9/12 ragepoints. sunder only builds 7 if talented, and throw builds 2 on a 25second cd. that means alot more auto attacking. nty
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