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Easter Sunday Sunday SUNDAY Force Fun Run!!!

What: To demonstrate part of the great story-telling written into the SWToR MMO we're kicking off Founder's Week with a Tython Jedi Knight Forge Run! And everyone is invited! This event is Open to all. Caveat: those who do post a sign-up on the forums by Friday the 29th will recieve a special "lowbie" gift for their new toon!

Where: Shadowlands Server.

When: 7-9pm EST, Sunday March 31st. Please be online @ 6:45pm and in Mumble so we can get groups together and get started promptly!

What Do You Need To Do To Get Ready?

1.) Download Star Wars: The Old Republic if you haven't already (approx 1hr on 20mb download speed). Free - 2 - Play version is fine, no need to be a subscriber.

2.) Create a Jedi Knight Toon. Yes, only Jedi Knight; but they can be any race/look of Jedi Knight you want!

3.) Login on your new Jedi Knight Toon.

4.) Talk to Derrin Weller (the first person you see in game with a Triangle quest symbol above his head) and accept his quest.

5.) Run down the starter area ramp and take the Speeder to: Gnarls Outpost.

6.) If your a subscriber, join the CoTP chat channel. Hit Enter to open the chat-console. then: /cjoin cotp. If you are Free to Play, ask one of the chapter representatives there to send you an invite to the guild. Being in mumble on the SWtoR PvE Channel is recommended, but not required.

7.) Wait there and Get Ready to play!!

Our Jedi Knight Experts have done trial runs a couple of times now and have a path setup to get from 1st level to the end of the Starter Class quest line in just under 2hrs. That includes Not skipping (aka space-baring) through any conversations, and with allocated times to sell & train. No legacy vehicles nor legacy xp buffs are needed

After the Forge Run we'll be heading to the Fiesta spot!

All members are invited to attend! We will have door prizes, a raffle, fun and maybe even some special guests!


When: Sunday, 3/31 9pm EDT

Where: Jedi Temple on Tython (players that are primarily Empire are invited to create a new Jedi character to join us in person)

Why: FUN!


As at past guild meetings we will be having a raffle and door prizes.

Raffle prizes will include Credits, Cartel Items, Mounts, Pets, and other goodies - the top prize the last raffle was $1 million credits and we will match or exceed that this time. Proceeds from the raffle go to the guild bank.

-Raffle entries are 10,000 credits each, you can enter as many times as you wish

-Send Raffle entries to Drekk'en (Republic) via in-game mail, be sure to include how many entries in the body of the mail message

-You can track Raffle entires here: Raffle entries

-If you have items to donate for door prizes or raffle prizes, send them to Sciclex (Republic) via in-game mail.

Hope to see you all there!!
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