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Mixed thoughts on this...a 15k healer managed to keep up up along with a fairly geared partner to help through tfb/ec weeklies last night but when we moved to do KP HM, he was the cause of our wipe. He died and could not keep up on the first boss heals. I healed myself occasionally to help out through the other 2 weeklies and was almost the last person standing as a dps in KPhm. We did express concern before we started but he insisted he could hang in there.

People need to not be selfish and jeopardize the group to carry them for gear and do the normal progression of Tio/Columi to Rak or put the effort into modding themselves some before doing HM Ops.
For the first boss it might not have been the healer. That fight can go either way, where it can be solo healed, or if the rest of the party is consistently getting swiped it will become a lot more challenging.

Not saying that that was definitely the case, but it is more than possible.