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I wanted to pop in and address some of your concerns about our barbershop and its use of Cartel Coins and not credits. There are a couple of design implications that go into these decisions I wanted to highlight in the hopes that it makes our decision in this regard a bit clearer.
  • We very consciously design these systems around the fact that subscribers get monthly Cartel Coin grants. Pricing, etc. has these monthly grants in mind to ensure that our subscribers have access to these systems.
  • We want to set the expectation that cosmetic systems like these are where you are going to see us use the Cartel Market. It is our continued philosophy that we will not implement a form of pay to win so cosmetic systems and other non-game impacting features are our best opportunities to make additions to the Cartel Market.
As we continue to release more information about our barbershop please continue to give us your feedback.

Subscribers get what, 550 coins/month? the armour sets cost about 1200 coins, that's 3 months just to get an armour set?
I appreciate you need to make money and as much as I hate micro-transactions, I agree they are a good way for people to pay extra for little things that make them more happy.
Though, the likes of Runescape, they have an option to fully customize your character for free. gender, skin tone, hair style, hair colour, clothes style, clothes colour etc.
It really should be a basic Feature in the game. People enjoy change. I myself get bore of looking at the same thing all the time, which Is why I spend a fortune on different armour skins to change it up all the time.
Though it's beginning to feel like you really are just trying to bleed everyone dry of their money irl.
Sure these were my choices but; pay for the game, pay for subscription (2 accounts because you wont transfer my chars) cartel coins to buy items I like, pay for phone support when something inevitably screws me over, pay for expansion (which isn't much of an expansion for PvP players. Though I'm looking forward to it) and then I'm expected to pay for a character appearance change and maybe something as simple as eye colour change.