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So anyway,after writing a fairly positive response to a game i learned to love and cheerish from the day it came out,completing all stories from all characters (by now i would have had 13 characters if i didnt delete some after i came back after a 4month pause to check the new content,starting a new toon as f2p and eventually deciding to sub once more),pvping like a mad man,spending hours into getting all crafting profession to maximum i have finally decided its enough.Star Wars-The Old Republic has become not boring (to some degree it has,or maybe its just me seeing the WoW effect of puppies and other giberish crap like pets being introduced into the game,not to mention the Cartel Market which IMO is a total rippoff moneyz making punt but i digress...)but incredibly stressful,due not only to random crashes and going down to 3 to 5 frame rates per second but plenty of moments where ppl exploit speed and damage hacks. (if ppl are more interested,there is plenty of info on forums regarding this issue,plenty of ppl complaining but..i guess all you can do is spam report,if that helps you and perhaps Bioware).

I think i went through so many times logging in and not being able to play for longer than an hour,sometimes more but having horrible frame rate...lets face it,and not to repeat myself but the engine code of this game is horrible and i have not seen Bioware stating they would work on improving it in any way.(probably cause they can not or just think its not worth the time/effort/money).Nuff raging.
Enjoy the upcoming expansion,at least the summer is around the corner for us who had enough of copy-cat killing money makers.

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