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03.30.2013 , 05:26 AM | #444
Love the barber shop idea, but I do agree with everyone else as a subscriber I shouldnt have to pay to change my hairstyle, eye color and physical features although paying to change your species makes sense. We shouldnt be charged for something that we will want to use so frequently. I like whats going on with the character customization. I love the idea of being able to toggle my hood on and off as well so I'm glad that will be addressed eventually. Hopefully we won't have to pay for that through the cartel market as well. 20 cartel coins per toggle!!

I have to admit that I was very disappointed with the looks of the previous installment of pvp gear (WH) and I was very vocal about it! The new pvp and pve gear that is coming out looks A LOT better in my opinion, but could still use some improvement. I hated the Jedi Sentinel WH gear, always thought it looked like a beetle or a space clown this time we actually look a lot more like Jedi Knights. In the future I would really like to see a Sentinel pvp set with a full robe chest piece. (not robe leggings that make it look like a dress) Maybe in black & white

I love all the new toys, pets and espically the gear and mounts from the cartel market, but put more of that stuff as earnable rewards for completing in game content such as operations and pvp too! Give us more reasons to play and not just more reasons to spend money! What do you mean by "quality of life"? Quality of life is pretty good these days.... Keep adding operations,flashpoints, warzones, story, gear, pets, mounts, planets, and improve on the space mini game! Oh yeah, I almost forgot... WE WANT A YODA PLAYABLE SPECIES!