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03.29.2013 , 06:18 PM | #29
I'm so glad so many people have replied to this! Just a little update I lvl my Fem Sith Inquis to 31 (i believe lol) I'm having a blast and its really addicting. I just started doing space missions myself after i figured out how to equip my ship properly. Ive met so many kind people on the General chat, and kind players who have helped me in a few missions! Ive discovered the GTN and all its glory!!
I am more confident in talking on the Gen Chat, and I am confident in my playing too.

Although I still like to do Solo runs soon I might do the HEROIC Mission and FP's I see player advertise. Right now however I avoid them. I feel a bit guilty because I haven't touched my Bounty Hunter OR Smuggler since Ive been playing. ( I WILL get to them I promise.... just not right now... lol) All in all this has been a good experience!

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