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To all the players who are parsing in EC HM/NIM on the first boss: Remember that the berzerk boss will take significantly less damage! Some strats have the ranged on the berzerk boss because his jumps drop the melee to about half health. I wouldn't worry too much about DPS imbalance unless I was systematically being beat by another commando in every fight, or I was parsing for less than 70% of the live DPS of another player. As a Commando, to be honest, you should always expect to do less DPS than sentinels and slingers.

In the EC NIM video that I linked, you'll notice that I did a bit of healing; I cleansed a DOT off a sentinel who had 10 stacks of the DOT, and I used a bres to bring our second healer back up. If I hadn't done those things, we might not have cleared the fight. If I had taken my melee DPS, my Vanguard, into that fight I might have done more DPS but I also would have taken so much damage that I could have died. More DPS isn't always better; surviving the fight is the most important thing. Always.

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IAnd I'd love an answer to a question Redcorn posed earlier: Does anyone actually get a DPS boost from using Mortar Volley in a boss fight? Plasma grenade maybe, and I'll start working that into my rotation with Reserve Powercell, but I'd think Mortar Volley is too expensive to warrant the use.
The formula for expected damage is E[attack] = crit*surge*precrit damage + (1-crit)*1*precrit damage
Without the might buff and in mostly 63 gear my Mortar Volley does 5356-5640 damage before armor. Full auto does 1544-1826 for 3 ticks. Both are cast over 3 seconds, Mortar Volley is 3 ammo while Full Auto is 2 ammo.

Mortar volley avg damage = 5498 kinetic before crits; at 0.3882 tech crit rate/258 crit rating = 7126.06 kinetic damage

Full auto avg damage = 5055 weapon damage before crits; at 0.3790 ranged crit rate/258 crit rating = 7091.16 weapon damage, after the +30% surge that full auto gets.

Note that both these damages are reduced by a coefficient of about 0.77, to get actual expected damage, since these are kinetic/weapon damage types. Assuming 100% accuracy.

Anyway, my Mortar Volley hits for about 30 damage more than an unprocced Full Auto and it costs 1 more ammo. It looks like it's not worth casting in single-target situations.