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Quote: Originally Posted by APeckenpaugh View Post
This is good feedback guys, and I think you're hitting on some relevant points. We're going to look into this.
While unexpected, the response is appreciated.

Over all when it comes to class balance, nerfs arent necessarily always the option, most times a small buff to an underpowered class or spec will solve most issues.

Quote: Originally Posted by veyl View Post
Can you come over to the Sorc thread since none of our feedback was addresed? Thanks man!

As to the OP, just play rage in PVP. It's too strong to pass up.
I feel your pain as to the Sorc. My main is a Sorc PvP healer, and while I am saving final judgement for the drop of 2.0, I was unimpressed with the PTS. However they do see our feedback, even if they dont respond.

As to rage, I find it un-rewarding, and sub par in objective play. Veng is an under rated spec, that when played well will kill a target faster than rage (this assumes a skilled opposing player). The small tweaks presented above by myself and Andrew_Past would put Veng inline to earn a rated spot.
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