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$5? Dang.. Spent $150 on this game almost 2 years ago (July 2011)... I feel like a sucker. Oh well lol.

Class stories really are amazing. I hope they'll do something, but who knows. Class stories were probably the most development intensive aspects of this game. Shared world arcs are the future, folks. Look on the bright side. Even though it's Bioware's excuse that class stories were a way to establish your character's significance in the Galaxy and that future stories would be in greater scale (galaxy-wide) instead of personal .. it does make sense. All of the classes hit their proverbial ceilings when it comes to their careers/standings.

Entirely true... however, they could've still put a class specific spin onto some of them as well. After all, a Trooper is most likely to handle the same situation differently then say a Smuggler or Imperial Agent.
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