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Yeah, I'm not dpsing much (sometimes not at all), I focus on healing. When I usually dps it's for taking down people with little health that are about to run somewhere safe or that for some weird reason are not being attacked, hence the improved shock. But now I'm not sure if Subversion could be better. Oh well, guess we'll see.

Something like that will probably work better than the first attempt:

Full Force Surge is better than having Lightning Storm, and without it Chain Lighting is useless. Not sure about Corrupted Barrier vs Dark Resillience, for now I don't use Consumption at all until I go out of force (which doesn't happen often, thankfully, since then it's a mess), but with Force Surge instead of spamming Consumption after you're out of force and then using self-heal you can apply it each time you have FS proc and easily compensate 4% by Static Barrier heal and casting Resurgence on yourself (well, at least in theory).

Anyway, thanks for the input.
I like this build quite a bit more than your original one. I'm hesitant to even consider a hybrid healer build in 2.0 though for a few reasons:

1) Bubble is caster only now (obvious)
2) Electric Bindings is no longer possibly to get in hyrbid (HUGE loss)
3) The abilities you spec into that are helpful detract from your healing uptime (have to cast Affliction and Lightning Strike fairly religiously to get Barrage to proc and keep force regen up)
4) There are just too many heal buffs left out from the Corruption tree

I'm thinking this for PvP. It will depend on if the Overload heal is worthwhile (I haven't tested it myself) or if the heals on Static Barrier and Force Barrier end up being worth it. If neither of those is viable, then Lucidity and possibly Reverse Corruptions will get those points. Just make sure to get Force Mending procced before using Innervate (to make sure you get crits for Force Surge since crit will be worthless) and Revification (to reduce cost by 30%) and force shouldn't be a problem. Since Force Surge can stack now, you can potentially consume multiple times without a problem, which is why having Dark Resilience will be key to ensuring you aren't totally killing yourself with Consumption.
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