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03.29.2013 , 10:20 AM | #40
Good thread but can we make this realistic? Take out items (or at minimum put them in a separate category) that the devs have said won't happen? Or ones that are just quite frankly not going to happen? They already said that...

-Legacy Datacrons are not happening
-Legacy Codex is happening
-Species is in the Barber Shop

And I'm pretty sure Day/Night cycles will never be done. Bam. Coding and implementation. This isn't to be mean or shut people down, it's just who do you take seriously, the people who want everything or the people who focus on realistic and attainable ideas? Although I suppose if this thread is more just a *dream list* than a *hey, devs, do this stuff* then don't mind me

Good thread though, I'll be sure to add my own soon
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