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Thats what i have been trying to point out, but sadly, the players that set these prices don't want it to change, so they say i am whining.

They care more about their own profit over the games' survival.
Here's the thing.

You rail against the greed, avarice and laziness of crafters, and yet you don't do crafting. Do you see? You're like the guy who can't paint but is critiquing art at the museum. "My dog could do a better job"


a) Your pronouncements against crafting are true, in which case you could revolutionize the crafting on your sever overnight by making and selling things yourself, or

b) The system itself is flawed (as opposed to the players), or

c) All of this pricey blue and purple gear you see on the GTN are not needed for characters to level, and so the fact they remain out of reach of broke players doesn't actually affect their experience to play the game.