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@TE 80% of your propositions have nothing to do with the title of this thread. For example pazaak is a minigame. that has nothig to do with "quality of life". qol-improvements are purely conveniences to make the gameplay run smoother.
That may be so, but to me, pazaak, swoop racing, and other minigames would greatly improve my in-game experience and thus to me (and seemingly many others), they are QOL improvements. Just a matter of opinion I suppose.

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Isnt this what the tousand papercuts topic is for?

No point splitting up the info
Originally I thought so too, and I did post most of this in the papercuts thread as well. However, I think I misinterpreted the idea of "papercuts." I believe it is intended to point out the small inconvenient nuances that exist or small convenience features that don't exist in the game today. After some thought, I decided that papercuts encompasses the idea of several small irritating things that are not ground breaking, but affect overall game experience. Some of the ideas in this QOL thread are more around larger implementations, many of which may require significant dev time, but would go a long way towards greatly improving the ways in which you experience and play the game.