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Quote: Originally Posted by ChronoSynclast View Post
Is there any plan to allow the saved locations to apply to the Security Key?

ie after you've logged in with the Security Key at a particular location, you no longer need to use it at that location (at least for the day/week/month etc)
We have discussed this option internally a few times, and the current thinking is we will let the change on April 2nd settle in before making further changes to how the Security Key itself works. Technically it's possible, but we wouldn't want people to forget to take the key with them if they are intendning to play - the reasons behind our system thinking you might be playing from a 'new' location are complicated to say the least and it could prompt when least expected...

Quote: Originally Posted by Reedek View Post
NOOOOO, keep the duck reference.

Plus ducks are Star Wars oriented...
Thanks for the reference - TIL Ducks are a SWTOR thing too

Quote: Originally Posted by Mission_dj View Post
Hi Phillip, in response to this, is anything being done to make Physical Security Keys available to European customers?

Currently, the only way to obtain one was via the Collectors Edition, which are now very rare. The European version of the Origin store does not sell them, and we can not purchase them from the US version.

Yes, we have the Android/iOS versions, but these are buggy to say the least. I have had to have mine removed soo many times, that I am know running without it. The calls to CS can take anywhere between 5-90 minutes. Many other people have to have theirs removed also.

So yeh, can we expect Bioware to do anything in order to get Origin EU selling the physical keys, or are we SOOL?
I've mentioned this a few times - we are working on getting the physical security keys made available in Europe and as soon as I have a better estimate on the date other than 'soon', I'll be sure to post.

Quote: Originally Posted by Glorthox View Post
This sounds so "fail" to me! Why not fix server stability first and log in screens last?
My team does not work on the servers. There are many teams here, and we all have different abilities and jobs and my team is in no way qualified or tasked with working on the servers...

Quote: Originally Posted by Darth-Malice View Post
It's a nice attempting trying to calm people but we never asked for or wanted this "Bonus" in the first place.
I've seen a lot of players ask for self-help service for Security Key. Without these changes we would not be able to provide the service with the same level of security, so in order to make self-service possible, we had to change other aspects as a result. So yes, people did actually ask for something that was a key consideration in making this change happen

Quote: Originally Posted by Mission_dj View Post
Why is this no longer a sticky? Does this mean questions will no longer be answered here?
Not all posts stay sticky forever. Not all posts get answers. This post will continue to get answers even if it isn't sticky - if I post a brand new thread I might stop reading this one at that time though... It's possible we will re-sticky this post soon as well given the change is going live in a few days time.

Quote: Originally Posted by danielearley View Post
Could you confirm that SWTOR is Linked to the Origin Account?

Quote: Originally Posted by -Kyuzo- View Post
can you go into further detail of said features.

like how do they work? would 1 allow me to remove the key but first i have to input my correct password and answer all my security questions along with an email confirmation?
You are tempting my 'wall of text' responses to get longer
Self-service for Lost my Security Key: This will require you to access to your email as proof of ownership of your account - this is tied in to why we are removing the link between your login and the email address.
Self-service for Remove my Security Key: Similar in that we want to make sure you can still log in afterwards by making sure (while your Security Key is still active) that you can still receive emails.
Self-service for Move my Security Key: No emails required - you will literally move between two devices and stay at the same level of security the entire time.

This will all make much more sense when you see the 'wizard' style dialogs our web team have created for the different options.

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