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I've been looking for a thread like this for ages. My guild is just going through EC NM, and while I'm competitive on the parsers, I can never seem to beat our resident sentinel. Granted, she's a damn good player and sentinels are deadly in good hands, but I'd like to push closer to her than I am. I'm just now picking up the EWH relic over my old matrix cube and wanted to confirm that Boundless ages (+power) would be preferable to a dmg proc relic. I've got the dread guard kinetic dmg proc relic in my other slot.

And I'd love an answer to a question Redcorn posed earlier: Does anyone actually get a DPS boost from using Mortar Volley in a boss fight? Plasma grenade maybe, and I'll start working that into my rotation with Reserve Powercell, but I'd think Mortar Volley is too expensive to warrant the use.

And as a final note I'm pushing 300 crit rating atm (290, I believe) and from what I've gathered from this thread already thats a bit high. My surge and accuracy are at good levels though (291 and 279 respectively) so should I switch out some crit for alacrity? Once 2.0 hits that may come in handy.
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