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03.29.2013 , 08:33 AM | #198
Hope ppl will be kind enough to update this with companion dialogue locations once Makeb hits.

If that is the only interaction we are having with our companions it will be very important for me. Pre-ordered but I will wait with the lvl:ing a bit until I know what it looks like. If there are certain areas in which companions are more likely to talk or if you have to snail-walk across the entire planet to hear something from them. Just remember how difficult I found it to get anything out of Malavi but Vette kept chirping all the time. I will come by here to see if anyone got pointers for those who wants to hear from their comps.
Female Mandalorians who romanced Torian are missing his Resol'nare and Mando'a lessons conversations since 4.0 launched. Please fix this!